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  • Facilitates monthly Planner for sales representatives with each day detailed activities.

  • Maintains a detailed and most updated profile of Doctors, Hospitals, Stockists, Chemists, paramedical Staff etc, with options for meeting specific requirements.

  • Reduces Communication time and cost among the Medical Representatives / field Managers and HQ

  • Maintains leave status for each employee with leave approval mechanism.

  • Facilitates expense claiming by sales representatives on a daily basis along with daily sales reports.

  • Facilitates expense budgeting at management level as well as at employee level through
    “ Standard fare chart ".

  • Instant Two way
    communication System between each member of the team, regional offices and head Quarters.

  • Instant relay of news and
    events .

  • Contents Library - New products Data sheet with product and price details available at finger tips.

  • Free samples distribution

  • Gifts distribution details.

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